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Marita Shaw Ed., C-IAYTIAYT Logo
Founder and Senior Teacher

Yoga pioneer, author, producer & publisher Marita Shaw, is perhaps her best advertisement for the wonders of this ancient art. The youthful-looking yogini credits her daily yoga practice with her vibrant health and unflagging energy as she approaches her seventh decade. She created “YOGA 4 KIDS”® in 1995, to bring the benefits of this ancient art to children.  A pioneer of the school yoga and mindfulness movement, she designed and instituted Yoga For Classroom Management for the academic teacher in 1998.  She has presented her program to summer camps at Rice University & Lone Star College.  She also facilitates the Yoga 4 Kids program at Texas Children's Hospital and conducts workshops for the medical profession.  Through her teaching, she created the Yoga 4 Kids® board game/card games, produced the instructional DVD Yoga 4 Kids and published THE ADVENTURES OF YOGA 4 KIDS, the first in a series of interactive storybooks for children.  Please Click Here to view the KPRC Channel 2 News clip.

Devon Brunner, CYT, CCYT

Devon Brunner, an avid lover of nature and dedicated artist grew up all over the world in places including Thailand and the U.S. Devon discovered yoga in Colorado as a teen. Yoga taught Devon how to naturally focus and harness the body’s energy as well as calm the central nervous system. Experiencing and witnessing the powerful healing effects of yoga, Devon decided to pursue yoga teacher certification at Kingwood Yoga & Wellness Center.

Devon is passionate about helping others find peace of mind and body.  She has vast years of experience working globally with children of all ages, through Youth Outreach and other organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Boys & Girls Club, and teaching Yoga 4 Kids at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. Devon plans to pursue a PhD in clinical psychology; her previous research focused on utilizing a Yoga program to enhance cognitive functions, particularly through maintenance and manipulation working memory and attentive mindfulness.

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