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Educators, Counselors, Parents &Therapists


Pioneered through:

 Teacher Training Certification Program™, is a comprehensive exploration of yoga for children ages 4 and up.

We'll cover:

1.  Yoga for ADHD management.
2.  Yoga for anger and emotional stamina.
3.  Yoga for test score improvement.

Please call for Private Training
and Group Tuition Rates

Why yoga is great for children & how to share its many benefits.
•  Breathing exercises proven to increase test scores in school-age children 84 percent. 
Imagery and deep relaxation & meditation techniques for anxiety and stress management.
• How to plan, sequence and lead, fun, creative and educational yoga classes.
• Child development & anatomy as it relates to yoga for children, ages 4-7 and 8-12.
• Behavior management techniques for facilitating a classroom environment that is positive, safe and non-competitive.
• Opportunities to observe yoga classes, taught by internationally recognized children's yoga pioneer Marita Gardner-Anopol.

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